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Chopstick is not only a noodle brand. It’s a tasty journey towards better health. It has been carefully produced to cater to the nutrition requirement of growing kids. And Chopstick kids should be healthier and sharper to be able to stand out like a super hero.

It’s a product of SQUARE. And for many years, SQUARE is the symbol of health, trust and taste. As a market leader and a member of the prestigious SQUARE Group, SQUARE Food & Beverage Limited (SFBL) always delivers quality products for its customers. The company cares for its consumers and keeps its promise by accumulating the finest ingredients and best manufacturing practice. It maintains consistent quality of the products and keeps updating with the latest technology.

Chopstick is free from all kinds of artificial ingredients. The manufacturing plant of the company has a hi-tech laboratory where the quality check is accomplished. The company uses fully automated manufacturing system which ensures zero exposure to external hazard.

Chopstick has 2 flavors in different packs. It contains balanced calcium, iron, iodine and protein. And last but not least it doesn’t contain Tasting Salt (Mono Sodium Glutamate) or any artificial substance.

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